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Repairs & Installation



Mechanical devices such as your locks are subjected to wear and tear, so at some point, you might have to replace them. However, sometimes, problems are due to aging buildings, doors, and windows. So you need to know when to install a new lock and when to adjust the old one. Oaktown Lock & Hardware Ltd. is a value-based company that works on the honour system, and you can rely on us. Our locksmiths know when to readjust your doors and when to replace your lock. Call Oakville’s lock repair and installation experts today.


We are one of the leading residential locksmith service providers in Oakville, On. From lock repair, re-keying lock, or lock change  the work will be performed by professionally trained locksmiths that specialize in home care are prepared for all of your security needs anytime you need locksmith service, day and night!


Our in store or our fully mobile services are available for your convenience you can count on us, we have the experience and parts to do it all.


We are one of the leading commercial locksmith service providers in Oakville, On. We comprehend the fact that a lot of investments go into making a business and you cannot compromise on its security for any reason. Catering to these commercial locksmith services, we provide you utmost high value locksmith services for commercial purposes.


There is no hard-and-fast fix to all your lock problems, but there certainly is a one-point solution for them. Whether it is a broken key, lock jam, latch sticking, hard-to-turn lock, or bolt-not-engaging situation, we can accommodate all your locksmith needs. We can replace your community mailboxes and hand over a new set of keys.


We stay up to date with technology to serve you better. We can help you with the installation, repair and replacement of the following:


  • File cabinet locks


  • Cupboard locks


  • Desk locks


  • Safes


  • Fire and burglar safes


  • Antique lock repairs


  • Dedicated cash depository


  • Locks that can be opened with cell phones


  • Locks that can be opened with access control system

If you have forgotten your safe combination, we can reprogram your electronic keypad.

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