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Key Cutting & Key Management



At Oaktown Lock & Hardware Ltd., we strive to be the primary resource for all your key cutting needs throughout Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, and Milton. As expert key cutters, we provide top-quality, professional key cutting when you need it the most. We can cut all types of keys, including:


  • Padlocks


  • Cabinets


  • Safety deposit boxes


  • Car keys


  • High-security keys


  • Skeleton keys


  • Boat keys


  • Tractors


  • John Deere mowers

Whether you need to replace broken car keys or house keys, in most instances, we take the parts and create a new one using the broken pieces. Call us today to schedule an appointment or visit us in store.

Keys & Key Management

Being a facility manager, you may continue to use traditional locks and keys. It is not only your doors that have keys. Many assets like machinery, vehicles, and furniture require keys to operate, so the number of keys in a facility can quickly grow. Managing keys and preventing them from getting into the wrong hands may seem difficult. However, you don’t have to worry as long as we are here to help you with key management.

Key Tracking

When you need accountability on how keys are issued, all authorizations are to be made in writing and approved by a central authority. In such systems, having a key tracking system can track the exact location of each key, and you can count on us for help.

Automated Key Cabinets

Automated key cabinets are useful to manage the key storage and issuance process. Along with maintaining an electronic record of your keys, the cabinets store and dispense your keys. Automated cabinets are to be opened using a PIN code.

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