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Did you move to a new house, office, or apartment? If so, you are supposed to ensure that the keys aren’t shared with anyone. Changing the locks is an easy way to secure your property from intruders. We insist you change locks anyway to be on the safer side. Oaktown Lock & Hardware Ltd. provides rekeying services in Oakville, Mississauga, Burlington, and Milton. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

Don’t confuse rekeying or repinning with replacing because, during rekeying, we disassemble the lock cylinder, remove the existing pins, and replace them in just a few minutes. Rekey your locks when:


  • Your keys are lost or stolen


  • You bought a new property


  • Your tenant or another key holder has gone missing


  • You terminate an employee


  • You need one key to open multiple locks


  • You need a master key system


We are one of the leading residential locksmith service providers in Oakville, On. From lock repair, re-keying lock, or lock change  the work will be performed by professionally trained locksmiths that specialize in home care are prepared for all of your security needs anytime you need locksmith service, day and night!


Our in store or our fully mobile services are available for your convenience you can count on us, we have the experience and parts to do it all.


We are one of the leading commercial locksmith service providers in Oakville, On. We comprehend the fact that a lot of investments go into making a business and you cannot compromise on its security for any reason. Catering to these commercial locksmith services, we provide you utmost high value locksmith services for commercial purposes.

Prevent Key Duplication

Some keys are relatively easy to duplicate, and some vending machines can duplicate a key under a minute. Although there are keys that say "Do Not Duplicate,” no law prevents someone from duplicating them. An easy way to avoid duplication is to install a restricted keyway, as they have restrictions regarding how additional keys are made. In short, only you can request that additional keys be made.

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